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In order to expand its practice, Vidigal Neto counts on international networks as support for its legal services and means to intensify the exchange of experiences on a global level.

TAG Alliances (TAG Law)

TAGLaw is an international alliance of independent high quality law firms. With approximately 9,500 professionals in over 160 member firms and 400 offices in over 90 countries, the participants in the alliance provide services to thousands of clients active in the most diverse sectors of the economy. The breadth of its activities is supported by its affiliation with other alliances, such as TIAG (formed by more than 110 high level accounting firms and offices) and TAG-SP (composed of strategic business partners). Together, members of these other two alliances offer financial, business and accounting services at a worldwide level. In 2013, TAGLaw was raised to the “Elite” level by Chambers and Partners, which is the highest awarded to a legal network by the publication.