Vidigal Neto tax team has a strong practice focused on tax planning and litigation. Our practice encompasses International, Federal, State and Municipal tax matters, ranging from routine tax issues to complex cases, such as the development of new projects, planning corporate reorganizations or negotiating strategic contracts.

Our tax team is committed to identifying and qualifying tax risks and opportunities. We propose solutions and strategies based on deep technical experience, combined with the most up-to-date assessment of legislation and case law.

We work for domestic and multinational clients, operating in various economic sectors and investment levels, from individuals to corporate conglomerates.

  • Experience in tax consulting involving multiple businesses and needs, such as: financial and capital market taxation; tax benefits; international agreements and treaties; special customs procedures; transfer pricing and taxation of individuals.
  • Legal analysis related to Federal, State and Municipal taxes, and related to various topics, such as social security contribution and customs taxation.
  • Tax planning in domestic and cross-border transactions, including analysis of complex tax models; mitigation of tax impacts on corporate and equity transactions; assignment of alternatives for financing structures and projects; and examination of tax efficiency on estate planning structures.
  • Assistance in tax review, in order to identify and maximize the use of tax credits, as well as to eliminate or reduce contingencies, including tax regimes in line with clients’ strategic plan and proposing optimized models for the development of projects in Brazil.
  • Legal opinions based on applicable tax legislation, updated doctrine and case law studies, supporting strategic managerial decisions and providing elements to independent auditor’s analysis.
  • Support to other areas in the analysis and proposal of corporate and funding structures for mergers and acquisitions, involving local or international financial transactions, using of corporate vehicles and companies restructuring.
  • Conducting due diligence to identify, quantify and qualify tax assets and liabilities.
  • Administrative defenses in all its phases, at the federal, state and municipal administrative tax courts.
  • Tax rulings to the tax authorities regarding the interpretation of legislation.
  • Pre-litigation advice in defining strategies for discussing theses involving tax refunds and / or reducing the current tax burden.
  • Judicial measures to defend the taxpayer against tax collection or seeking the recovery of undue taxes.
  • Advice on tax contingencies related to ongoing lawsuits, including in the context of corporate transactions and legal audits.
  • Follow-up of precedents and representation before State, Federal and Superior Courts.
  • Assistance in compliance with tax audits.